Project Manager

After two summers interning with Siegelvision, Annie has come back for another round—this time, joining us as Siegelvision’s newest project manager.

Initially dreaming of being a Latin professor, Annie earned degrees in Classics and Global Studies from Assumption College, with a concentration in Classical Languages. She chose Assumption because they have their own campus in Rome, where she lived for four months, studying art and architecture under a descendent of Pope Borghese, and trying to avoid overusing the phrase “When in Rome.”

While at Assumption, Annie discovered her passion for social justice, and decided to minor in Women’s Studies. As a student representing the Women’s Studies program, she attended the First Annual Gender Conference at the Tufts Fletcher School in the Fall of 2015.

In the summer of 2016, she embarked on an archaeological expedition in rural Bulgaria. There, she helped uncover an ancient Thracian trading post, where evidence of trade between the Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Thracians was discovered. Her team unearthed four coins, which now reside in the Septemvri Archaeological Museum.

Annie grew up in Medford, Massachusetts, just ten minutes outside of Boston, where she performed in a local community theater troupe. Her performance as Captain Hook was notable for making several small children cry—a real testament to her acting, as Annie is definitely among the top five sweetest people at Siegelvision.

Annie loves music, especially classic rock, and also enjoys writing poetry. But if you really want to get her talking, ask her about her long-standing Dungeons and Dragons campaign—or gelato. She loves them both.

Her hidden talent—she’s a maven at obscure pop culture references. Do you know the movie Rockadoodle? Ask Annie. She knows all about it.