Camilla was born a tarheel, now she’s a California girl.

Her distinguished branding career has taken her from North Carolina to Utah to New York and now the Golden State where she is the mother of 3 wonderful dudes and dudettes. 

Camilla brings more than 20 years of experience in brand strategy, marketing and advertising for firms like Microsoft, American Express, Kodak, and Verizon.  Her experience gives her a thorough understanding of the client side of developing a world-class brand and the often challenging implementation work that must be carried through after a brand has launched.

She was the Senior Director of Worldwide Brand Strategy at Microsoft/WebTV. At Sony, she led the brand strategy, identity and advertising for PlayStation the most successful product launch ever in video games. More important, it made her the coolest mom in her children’s school.

Her favorite city in the world is Paris.  

Her favorite food in the world is Italian. (Don’t tell the French.)

Camilla’s hidden talent:

She has some mean kitchen skills and makes one stupefacente (amazing) Veal Bolognese.  Just what you would expect from someone whose last name is Bravo!