Simplification Writer

Celia believes there is a clear sentence lurking in every incomprehensible one, and loves to find it. To this end, Celia combines her legal background with her belief in the benefit of plain language to simplify complicated financial and legal information.  Celia is a lawyer who taught Legal Writing in a Canadian law school, and American contract law, ethics, and intellectual property law in an American LL.M. program at the Pericles International Legal Education Center in Moscow, Russia.  When she promised her students that better writing would raise their grades “one full letter,” she delivered.

One of Celia’s main areas of interest is intellectual property law; her LL.M. thesis concerned Russian domain name law.  She practiced law in a Canadian litigation firm that specializes in insurance and business litigation and has written and edited Canadian business law books.  While overseas for 20 years, she wrote and edited publications for the United Nations (ILO and UNHCR) and a private equity company in Russia.  She also managed charity projects in Turkey (orphanages) and Russia (women's prisons, orphanages for older children, and children's sports). Her world view and her love of language provide a broad perspective useful in considering customer experiences across cultural boundaries.

Here in the United States, and most recently, she has been writing a streamlined family of product brochures for a major financial services firm, finding a balance that meets regulatory requirements while avoiding information overload.

Hidden talent: When Celia was 12, her friends were playing with Barbies while she was playing bridge. No surprise that the game requires specific skills: tactics, communication, memory and probability. Celia has all of those qualities in spades.  She’s proud to say that she  has finally achieved her life goal of becoming a Silver Life Master.  We don’t know what that is, but it sounds important.


Cecilia Verrier

Simplification Writer