Creative Consultant

Cynthia doesn’t always relish talking about her work—because she’s too busy doing it. With over 25 years of experience in the design and design management business, she’s created strategic communications for clients in the non-profit, financial services, healthcare, higher education, and technology industries. She is known for producing solutions that are smart, clean, elegant, and uniquely suited to the client’s needs.

To her work at Siegelvision, Cynthia brings a vast and heavy-hitting portfolio of experience in advertising and design firms in Boston and New York including Gotham Incorporated and Doremus New York, and she’s worked on notable accounts such as Fidelity Premier Services, Hewlett-Packard, Lernout & Hauspie, Compass Group, FirstHealth of Carolinas, Barnard College, Mount Holyoke College, Sarah Lawrence College, Penn Mutual, Siemens, and Pfizer.

Most recently, Cynthia has had the great fortune to work with The Robin Hood Foundation as an essential member of the creative team for events such as The Black Eyed Peas Concert in Central Park, the 12.12.12. Concert for Sandy Relief, the 25th Anniversary Benefit, and their annual Robin Hood Benefits.

With all she’s done for so many clients, the odds are good that you’ve experienced Cynthia’s detailed design work firsthand. And yet, calling her work “work” doesn’t quite cover it—for Cynthia, design is like knitting. She finds it relaxing, and her products reflect her genuine enjoyment of the process.

When she’s not “working,” she volunteers her skills designing posters and signage for community organizations like her family’s local library, and invitations for her friends’ events. It’s no surprise that her hidden talent is also a creative project: she’s got a whole book full of designs for chandeliers that she one day fully intends to make, in collaboration with her brother.

Looking to catch Cynthia out and about? Check soccer fields and baseball fields all over New Jersey, cheering on her ten-year-old son.