Director, Business Development

Dom is a recovering Ad Agency head. MAD MEN is his favorite reality TV program. Over the course of his career he was involved in the creation of some of the most iconic brand campaigns ever — “Be All You Can Be” “Reach Out and Touch Someone” “A Diamond is Forever”,  “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up” and many others.

Given this training, Dom is pretty adept at helping organizations identify the emotional and rational triggers in brand choice, developing an overall positioning and driving it across all internal and external touch-points. (That’s Adspeak, he can’t help it.)

Dom enjoys boating. His first boat was a Destroyer, The USS Stribling. Dom claims that in all of his time cruising the North Atlantic, Europe and the Middle East, he never got seasick.  He also never gets tired of helping organizations find their unique positioning and voice.

Dom’s hidden talent:

He has the rather freakish ability of being able to place the stem of a maraschino cherry into his mouth and tie it into a knot using only his tongue. (You know you just can’t make this stuff up.)