Do Clarity and Simplicity Differ?

Clarity and Simplicity are both at work when you cut to what matters—striking the essence of something. Clarity focuses on enhancing what is there like cutting a diamond to improve its brilliance or tweaking wording to sharpen wit, while Simplicity involves stripping away or removing layers.

Rock the World by Simplifying Just 7 Things

There are several chronically confusing, confounding, and annoying communications that all of us deal with in daily life. Here is my list of the 7 items that, if simplified, would save money for business, increase customer satisfaction, and...

Shkumbin Mustafa
Simplicity and Clarity

Over five decades, Alan Siegel has gained the stature of both pillar of the establishment and provocative iconoclast while building Siegel+Gale, one of the leading global brand consultancies. In 2011, he created Siegelvision, a new company focused on...

Being Human Means Living with Risk

As humans, studies show that we are quite fallible. We are most persuaded by the last statistic we hear in a conversation (if the doctor describes risks and then benefits, the benefits stick with us).

Shkumbin Mustafa