With over 20 years of production experience, Joy has worked on more than 85 different brands in her career. This includes time spent in promotion, publishing, documentary/industrial film and public relations, as well as advertising, giving her a unique and broad perspective to every project she’s on.

As a result, Joy is a versatile and tech-savvy producer with a strong appreciation of the collaboration process. Whatever the responsibility, from retouching supervision, art production and sourcing, OOH or dimensional print, through to asset management, logistics, and licensing, the goal is the same. To bring to life the highest quality product without losing focus on budget and deadline.

When not at the office and not working on the next DIY project around the house, you'll probably find Joy in the garden or hiking a nearby trail. Of course, family and friends are always welcome for some grillin’ and chillin’ on the weekends. Just remember to bring a bottle of wine.