Strategist and Senior Project Manager

Noam is a man of many talents. This saxophone playing Minnesota native is a multidisciplinary strategist, an avid biker, a lover of Eastern European Folk music and urban adventurer. He can often be seen reading Proust while biking through some little-known industrial neighborhood as he explores the far reaches of New York City.

Noam earned a BA from St. John’s College in Annapolis, a renowned liberal arts college that is known as a powerhouse in the sport of croquet. Its students graduate fluent in an array of subjects from philosophy to physics. This breadth of knowledge allows Noam to quickly understand the complex problems organizations face in today’s interconnected world and identify unconventional solutions.

Noam has climbed beneath highway overpasses to interview the homeless for one of our non-profit clients. Spent quality time interviewing 90 year-old New Yorkers for another client -The New Jewish Home. But the highlight of Noam’s career at Siegelvision was when he got to shoot a film with his idol, Woody Allen. Not bad for a kid from Minnesota.

Noam’s Hidden Talent:

He is somehow able to live the life of a Brooklyn hipster without the slightest bit of irony.