Ragan is the most elusive species of west coast descent: a native Angeleno. Raised off the coast of Southern California, she grew up on chili-covered mangoes, rock radio-interrupted traffic jams and taking the sun for granted.  

It’s also where she kicked off a long career helping the nation’s leading non-profit organizations stay organized—skills she now brings to the West Coast branch of the Siegelvision team. For over 15 years, Ragan has provided structure and sensibility to community fundraising for the MS Society, event production for the American Diabetes Association, and putting Cure Search’s childhood cancer research on the map in new markets. Most recently, she orchestrated an avenue-wide takeover of the city’s Walt Disney Concert Hall to allow an army of Stormtroopers to pay homage to the LA Philharmonic. Ask her about it over a Cantina band song sometime.

Ragan graduated from St Mary’s College, where she studied philosophy by day and blessed the local radio station with dub reggae sets by night. Following commencement, she took the first flight out of the country. As a solo traveler in Africa and Asia, she spent a year cutting her teeth as a logistical problem solver. Biggest lesson learned: the first street food vendor to run out of food is the first friend you need to make in town.

She now resides in Portland, OR, refining her skills in toddler diplomacy as the Northwest’s leading tantrum negotiator. Her son Dekker is three. And he would like you to know that he wants ALL of the sweets in the cupboard.

Her hidden talent: she’s a master of all 90's dance moves. Think Roger Rabbit, Kid n' Play, Cabbage Patch, the running man, hammer dance, chicken wing. The list unfortunately goes on.