Project Manager

Susannah is known for two things—her love of pasta and her tendency to put people in odd situations for the sake of a photograph. A professional photographer for eight years, the pursuit of a perfect picture has led Susannah into a number of unusual situations, including setting the scene by covering a classroom of schoolgirls in cling wrap, improvising a sandbox using 24 sacks of baking flour, and calling the Japanese consulate to ask about their luggage restrictions for taxidermied animals. At 18, Susannah shot the back cover of Beyoncé’s Elements of 4 concert DVD, which became the #2 best-selling music DVD in 2011.

Susannah graduated from Yale University with a double B.A. in English and French Literature, which is how she found herself in Paris attending La Sorbonne and studying the great French authors. Not finished traveling or studying, she went to Tokyo for a month-long research fellowship, where she studied the portrayal of women in manga and anime culture.

Susannah brings to Siegelvision a knack for innovative storytelling across both written and visual media. A self-described extrovert, Susannah thrives on meeting new people and learning their stories, which leaves her well-equipped to engage with a diverse range of clients and needs.  

Susannah’s hidden talent: she can perform impeccable karaoke renditions of every Taylor Swift song. Bonus talent: she has an eerily powerful sense of smell.