Research Analyst

Val will be the first to tell you that she sees things as systems—which is why she makes an excellent in-house analyst. With an engineering brain and a creative spirit, Val excels at sifting through piles of data to get right to the heart of our clients’ complex strategic and marketing needs.

While the word “engineer” tells you a lot about Val, what it doesn’t tell you is that she has an impeccable sense of style, and it infuses everything she does. Even her PowerPoint presentations have flair.

When she’s not applying her engineering brain to complex strategic problems, she’s dreaming up classy business ventures, and working as a consultant for her daughter's high-end handbag business and boutique retail stores. (That's right, she also has two daughters—because this lady can do it all.)

Val has also designed and published an adult coloring book made up of bucolic Nantucket scenes. You heard right—a coloring book for adults. Not too shabby for someone with a degree in Engineering from Cornell.

All of this adds up to why, if Val were a brand, we’d try to sell her on the tagline “Systems geek, Nantucket chic.”

Her hidden talent? She boxed one-on-one with a two-time Golden Glove finalist. Nobody messes with Val around here.