Senior Finance Assistant

Her name is Wendy but it should be Jack, because she’s a jack-of-all-trades. Wendy has done it all ---from performing Shakespeare, to wig wrangling to debt restructuring for faltering South American nations.

She has been a professional actor for 35 years, She’s a founding member of both The 29th Street Project and Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company in NY, as well as a charter member of Word for Word Performing Arts Company in San Francisco and has toured the American Libraries in France (Paris, Montpellier, Angers, & Nancy) with the company twice.

In between acting jobs, Wendy has worked at Citibank, managing the interest payment for Brazilian debt restructuring, was a Senior Executive Assistant at Union Bank, worked as a wig and makeup assistant at Cleveland and Chautauqua Opera Companies, has managed clothing stores and worked in a custom framing shop.

She brings her rich and varied experience to all she does at Siegelvision where she manages financial reporting, tracks job profitability, expense reporting and employee time tracking; as well as supporting Project Managers by costing projects.

Wendy is trained in Nordic walking (You know, those people who walk around the snowless streets using ski poles.) Don’t judge.

Wendy’s hidden talent:

Her special talent is survival. She once plummeted 15 feet off a roof and lived to tell the tale.  Maybe she should have become a stuntwoman.