Simplification Consultant

Alison Greenberg has a background in verbal branding, corporate strategy, and ethnographic research. She previously consulted with Fortune 500 financial services, technology, and energy industry players at the Omnicom language strategy firm maslansky+partners, and named companies at brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale.

Prior, she worked on an oncology pipeline at pharma ad agency Harrison & Star. She specializes in streamlining communications and strategies in highly regulated fields. She also worked for the Yale School of Management’s Behavioral Lab, contributing to research published in journals from Psych Science to JAMA.

Alison holds a BA in Anthropology from Yale University. Her independent research documented the impact of political shifts on endangered cultural practices in modern Latin America.

She’s an avid Spanish speaker, race runner, and music maker. And she has yet to find a business challenge that cultural understanding and clear language can’t solve.

Hidden talent: Alison enjoys physical challenges of all kinds. She has run 7 half-marathons and can stand on her head for an unreasonably long time. Her record is nearly 30 minutes.


Alison Greenberg

Simplification Consultant