Thank you for being a part of the 2016 Call for Clarity

On March 30, 2016, we held the first annual Call for Clarity Conference in New York City. A dozen speakers from a variety of industries addressed a crowd of over two hundred attendees. Featuring animated and far-reaching conversations about Simplicity and its nemesis, complexity, speakers represented fields as diverse as finance, health, criminal justice, design and non-profit research.  If you missed a presentation or want to listen to one again, we’ve included videos of them below along with “after talk” video interviews with our speakers.

While the conference has concluded, the dialogue must continue. As we heard at the conference, Clarity has universal appeal and offers numerous benefits for business, society and government. Increasing comprehension, gaining trust, achieving customer loyalty, saving money, changing behavior—Clarity offers all of these.

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors and attendees. Please keep the conversation about the value of Clarity active.

Alan Siegel
CEO, Siegelvision