Our Focus on Simplicity


We have a highly experienced team of senior staff led by our Chief Clarity Officer, Irene Etzkorn who have worked together on dozens of successful large-scale assignments of significant scope simplifying:

  • applications

  • insurance policies

  • declaration pages

  • sales illustrations

  • product brochures

  • website content

  • customer service scripts

  • correspondence systems

  • reporting & performance reports

We employ an interdisciplinary approach that involves plain English writers, information architects, information designers and brand specialists. We’ve also perfected a cost-effective, online consumer research validation methodology called Clarity Lab.

The team we assign to every project has done it before. They’ve worked with every one of the touch-points in your industry and are familiar with how they relate to and impact each other.


Results you can expect to achieve include:


Reducing customer service costs

Simplified forms and documents generate fewer calls to customer service and have significantly lower error rates.



Reducing production/
operational costs

Forms consolidation, elimination of redundancies, and maximization of database, production, distribution, and processing technology drive costs down.



Improving customer satisfaction & loyalty

Customers come back to products, services, and businesses they understand.



Driving consistent brand experience

Differentiating a brand has less to do with ad campaigns than with everyday communication to customers. Financial, technical, and legal documents are the most frequent, regular, tangible representation of the brand in the eyes of the consumer.



Our Credibility

A branding expert and one of the leading authorities on business communication, Alan Siegel wants to put plain English into legal documents for government and business. Watch his popular TED TALK on how to simplify legal jargon.


Companies that successfully communicate with their investors form stronger relationships with them.
— former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, Jr.


Some of our past Simplification clients


Get in touch with Irene Etzkorn, Chief Clarity Officer


Irene is one of the nation’s leading experts on plain English writing and simplified communication. She has deep expertise in the insurance, banking, brokerage, healthcare, government and utility sectors.

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Irene Etzkorn, Chief Clarity Officer, Siegelvision

Irene Etzkorn, Chief Clarity Officer, Siegelvision

For more information on our Simplification process please e-mail Irene directly at ietzkorn@siegelvision.com