Since 2012, Siegelvision has been offering internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. 

We focus on giving students real-world experiences in the business. From day one, our interns are immersed in the culture of our firm and they learn about all aspects of the business from administration and finance to project management, strategy and design. They are mentored by our full-time staff and get to work with them on Siegelvision client projects so they get hands-on experience.

There are many qualities we look for in our interns. They need to have an interest in branding and communications, but more importantly, they need to show versatility, intelligence, great communications skills, a solid work ethic and a natural curiosity. We look for well-rounded people with varied interests who can bring a unique perspective to all of our work.

We accept resumes for our summer internship programs in January/February, and we schedule interviews with accepted candidates in March.  We make our decisions in April.

Internships usually run June, July and August.  

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and someone from our Internship department will contact you.


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SIegelvision Interns 2016.

SIegelvision Interns 2016.

My time working with Alan (Siegel) and the Siegelvision team has provided me with the opportunity to learn about the branding business, the power of simplification and teamwork from the best in the business; and has shown me the ins and outs of an industry that many people talk about but few really understand.
— Annie, Intern
Working at Siegelvison has been an enriching experience that allowed me to think outside the box and to observe the best in the business at work
— Dorothy, INTERN