Director of Digital Experiences

Bini is multilingual and multi-talented. He’s been a journalist, editor, designer, coach and athlete. And by athlete we don’t mean he’s a Sunday jogger.

Bini is an internationally ranked competitor in the Olympic sport of team handball. A former member of the TEAM USA, a 7-time USA National Champion, 1-time Canada National Champion with his club New York City Team Handball, and a 1-time Kosovo National Champion with his hometown club. He is also the former Kosovo tennis champion.

But the game that Bini really loves to play, and excels in, is Digital and Social Media.

He explains to clients that Social Media is basically like paying for health insurance. You pay every month for years and you might use its benefits once a year. But you can’t be without it.  

He believes that social media is one communication channel where every business whether small or large needs to have a consistent presence, and be involved with their customers, advocates, influencers to make sure that their brand purpose isn’t diluted, or misrepresented.

Bini’s competitive nature wont allow him to ever stop fighting hard for his clients until they show positive results that will help their business move forward. 

He’s fluent in Albanian, Serbo-Croatian and HTML.

Hidden talent:  He’s quite the cook. He makes a mean Balkan cevapi and a kickbutt chicken enchilada.


Bini Mustafa

Director of Digital Experiences