Art Director

Crystal was raised in balmy Southern California and when it was time to go to college she immediately chose the finger-numbing frigid environment of Syracuse, New York. It wasn’t the snow that attracted her, it was Syracuse University’s globally renowned School of Design. Art and design are her passion and she followed it east.

Don’t let Crystal’s sweet disposition fool you.  Crystal is an art director who punches way above her weight.  Literally.  She takes kickboxing classes and is one mean little dodgeball player. 

Whatever you do-- don’t call Crystal a “millennial.”

She doesn’t relate to the view that her generation is lazy, entitled and narcissistic.

But if you talk to Crystal long enough you learn that she does fit one description of a millennial, she truly wants to change the world.

And that’s why she came to Siegelvision.

She was drawn to our mission of helping socially responsive organizations find their voice and attract support. And is gratified to have been able to help organizations such as SAGE, CUNY, F.I.T. and the Affordable Housing Initiative for the NYC Mayor’s Office.

Crystal’s hidden talent:

Crystal is a whisky barreler.  No, she doesn’t chug whisky, hop in a barrel and roll down hills. She ages small batches of whisky in her tiny Manhattan apartment.  Like we said -- don’t let her sweet disposition fool you.


Crystal Yang

Art Director