Senior Art Director

Throughout his life, Matt has had to patiently explain to people that his name is Matt See, not Mattsy.

With a passion for branding and a background in media strategy, Matt is more than a designer—he creates visual identities and brand experiences that people want to see, interact with and share.

Matt has a BA in Psychology and feels that his studies, especially those in Sensation and Perception, have helped his design sense by enabling him to understand how people process information.

He spent four years at Neo@Ogilvy working with IBM, helping to analyze and drive strategic global investment and evaluate, negotiate and implement large-scale media sponsorships. 

But he came to Siegelvision to get back to his first love --design. 

He unashamedly claims that his second love is junk television, shows like Naked and Afraid or anything HGTV.

When he isn’t binge watching he’s off hiking in the Catskills, gallery hopping in Chelsea or hitting an ethnic restaurant in Astoria, Queens.

Matt’s Hidden Talent:

Matt plays viola in a Senior Citizen Community Orchestra. Don’t ask.