Mercy College Case Study

Mercy College is a private, non-sectarian, non-profit, coeducational research university with its main campus located on 66 acres in Dobbs Ferry, New York, alongside the Hudson River.



Mercy College founded almost 70 years ago as a Catholic school for women, continues to serve a critical social purpose in the NYC area - providing a top-notch, private college education to minority and first generation college students. 
Mercy came to us with low retention rates and an inability to stand out in the higher education sea of sameness. They needed a distinctive, authentic identity and brand voice that would not only attract the right students and faculty - but would keep them at Mercy, too


We saw a drive and determination in Mercy students unlike any other. This was predominantly a commuter school, many students were working full and part-time jobs and raising a family while going to school.
Our strategy was to celebrate and honor the character and determination of Mercy College students.  To define the school by the special type of students it attracts.
We summed this up in a line:

Mercy College –For those with a passion to get ahead.

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While this brand voice program is just beginning to be implemented, it has been approved by Mercy leadership and shared with its students.

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Click on the image to view the fundraising brochure

These words are motivating, inspiring. It’s like going into the boxing ring, you’ve got to beat the competition…you have to be prepared to throw down and to push yourself to get that job you want.
— Mercy student

This is more me. I had to commute 2 hours from Brooklyn to get here today. These images, this attitude, they speak to me.
— Mercy student

The whole approach is very different. It’s not sugar coated and it feels unique. I know this would speak to me if I was applying right now.
— Mercy student


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