New York Edge Case Study

New York Edge (formerly known as SASF) is a non-profit organization and one of the largest providers of school-based after-school programs in New York City and the metropolitan region. They impact more than 20,000 students in grades K-12 typically in underserved neighborhoods. 



Students from well-to-do families have every advantage.

Their private schools provide mentors, tutors, have vibrant arts programs, with visits to the Met and MOMA, and excellent student orchestras.

But in our Public School — Arts programs have been slashed, and a majority of students are so financially challenged that they qualify for free lunch.

The Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation operates free afterschool programs for 20,000 students in over 150 New York City public schools.  Over the years they became known as SASF, an acronym that didn’t explain what they do. In research, many respondents thought they were merely a sports program they gave kids a few basketballs and let them loose in the gym. When in fact, they had vibrant academic programs, like chess, robotics, and college prep courses.


Siegelvision changed their story by writing a new narrative for the organization.

“Our mission is to be there for disadvantaged students, those who start school without any of the advantages they need to succeed. We will be their advantage. We will be their edge, by providing after-school programs that allow students to take full advantage of extra academic help, arts programs and sports. We’ll be there to give struggling students the edge they need to succeed.

We changed their name to reflect what they and their donors actually provide, an edge.  

They became New York Edge, with the slogan:

Giving students the edge they need to succeed.

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We created a bold new logo and look an exciting, inspiring film, posters, and a new website. Our work was unveiled at their gala in May to great applause and enthusiasm.

Donors, staff and students loved the name and bold new logo and can’t wait to get back to work giving children the edge they need to succeed.



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