Urban Institute Case Study

The Urban Institute is the trusted source for unbiased, authoritative insights that inform consequential choices about the well-being of people and places in the United States. Their mission is to open minds, shape decisions, and offer solutions through economic and social policy research.



NY Times Columnist David Brooks once wrote: “Today most think tanks look like rapid response teams for their partisan masters.” Caught in this crossfire, Urban Institute, known for its academic rigor and objective points of view, was losing influence (and donors) to these far more partisan institutions.


Our strategy was defining the Urban Institute as specialists in evidence-based solutions that raise policy discussion to their highest, most profound levels.  And we were able to say all that in just three words: “Elevate the debate.” 

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We gave the Urban Institute a fresh look, with a sophisticated new logo distilled from the concept of mapping data and processing complex information. The new line and look made the Institute stand out from its peers and energized its staff.  Our team took great pride when Sarah Rosen, President and CEO of the Urban Institute told us:  “Your branding work and insight now reside in the day to day management of the organization.”  

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