Visuray Case Study

Visuray is an oilfield service company that is pioneering downhole X-ray diagnostics to mitigate the risks oil companies face by giving them the power to see and act with confidence.



A newcomer to the world of oilfield services, Visuray entered the industry on the strength of a ground-breaking new X-Ray technology for downhole imaging. Visuray’s product allowed customers to “see” through whatever obstructions might be blocking potentially dangerous materials that could disrupt oil well performance.

The challenge was to position this innovative startup to compete successfully with established companies such as Schlumberger and Halliburton.     


The Siegelvision team interviewed a wide range of stakeholders in order to fully understand Visuray’s true value-creating potential. The aim? Redefine the business to deepen and dramatize the company’s real impact.

Our central insight was that Visuray was, above all, in the risk reduction business. Working with Visuray, customers could expect to mitigate risk in crucial areas affecting the overall productivity and performance of their respective wells.

This insight was brought to life verbally and visually, allowing Visuray to present itself as an important strategic partner to such firms as Shell, BP, and Statoil, Norway’s leading oil producer. 

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Siegelvision’s efforts led to three main outcomes:

First, we helped to persuade major customers to consider using Visuray’s products despite its being a new company.
Second, we helped create one culture based on a shared set of values that brought together people of many different nationalities.
Third, we reinforced Visuray’s global nature and economic potential in ways that reinforced investor interest. 



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