Humanizing HR Communications: Achieving Clarity through Empathy


Tuesday, May 21
2:00 PM ET

Humanizing HR Communications: Achieving Clarity through Empathy


Join Irene Etzkorn, Chief Clarity Officer at Siegelvision, and co-author of Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity, for an insightful 30-minute webinar on how to shorten the distance between employees and employers through Simplification.



Do your job descriptions make your company sound boring, bureaucratic and stiff? Are employees overwhelmed by the complexity of your benefits, turning even good news into a source of dissatisfaction? Do you present vital policies and practices in a clear, compelling, understandable way?

If the answers are yes, you also hear ominous clicking keyboards as employees search for new employment in a robust job market.

The world of work is a crowded, noisy place and everyone is pressed for time. Are you making the most of each opportunity to connect with employees using plain language, meaningful examples, understandable instructions and compelling information design?

Join us to explore the role that
Empathy, Distillation and Clarity play in achieving meaningful dialogue between employees and employers.