Thanks for attending our webinar with
IRENE ETZKORN, Chief Clarity Officer, Siegelvision

Simplifying Health-Care Experience:
Communicating with Clarity through Empathy


Tuesday, March 19
2:00 PM ET

Simplifying Health-Care Experience:
Communicating with Clarity through Empathy

Join us to explore the role that Empathy, Distillation and Clarity
play in achieving meaningful dialogue between patients and caregivers.



“…Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Your hospital, clinic, nursing home or health care office does great work that benefits many people in need but do you present vital information in a clear, compelling, understandable way?  Does your message get through or are patients mired in a maze of bureaucracy and medical jargon?

You rely on grants to be able to fund your activities and you must report your accomplishments to those that give you money. Do you present your organization’s accomplishments in a way that makes donors feel confident and inclined to continue sponsorship?

The world is a crowded, noisy place and everyone is pressed for time. When illness strikes, anxiety, exhaustion and unfamiliarity add to the static. Are you making the most of each opportunity to connect with patients using plain language, meaningful examples, understandable instructions and compelling information design?

Join this webinar if you
want to learn:

  • How Empathy leads to Simplicity by understanding the circumstances and needs of others and caring enough to respond.

  • How Distillation reveals that what you take away is often as important as what you add.

  • How Clarity means making products and services easier to understand, use and benefit from.