The Making of a New Yorker

By Maya Gotthelf (Intern at Siegelvision)

Maya reviewing Siegelvision's case studies

From my childhood in Switzerland to my graduate education in London, I have been fortunate to engage with a wide array of people and cultures that have broadened my horizons. Despite this wealth of experiences, I completed my degree at the London School of Economics craving for more.

I craved New York City.

Beginning a career in New York City is an aspiration for millions of individuals worldwide. Yet many lack the opportunity to experience the enchanting and forceful nature of this city. I, however, have been given the incredible opportunity to intern at Siegelvision and thus can indulge in the city that never sleeps. While the city alone can transform an individual in unimaginable ways, it is the ability to work alongside Alan Siegel and the entire Siegelvision team that catapults this experience to the next level.

Siegelvision’s driving force is extremely compelling; the company aims to provide clarity and simplicity in a world full of complex corporate jargon. Siegelvision shares its expertise primarily with nonprofit organizations, and it is this social, purpose-driven emphasis that initially intrigued me to get involved with the company. After joining the team, I increasingly see the importance of Siegelvision’s mission to create simplicity.

In reviewing case studies of Siegelvision’s work, I saw this mission explored in a diversity of fields. Nearly every organization Siegelvision dealt with touched upon a topical issue in our current society, from LGBT and women’s rights to healthcare and higher education. Being able to stand behind a company that promotes vital issues is rare and thereby provides me with the opportunity to make a difference.

On my first day at the office, I attended a meeting to familiarize a potential client with Siegelvision’s operating philosophy. By receiving a glimpse into such meetings, it became clear how strongly the company’s previous work resonates with potential clients. The more Siegelvision explained what they have achieved for other organizations, the more committed and invested the client became.

Since moving to New York City and beginning my internship at Siegelvision, I have already seen startling differences between the US and those in Europe, particularly in the way people carry themselves and interact with one another. In Europe, the workplace is generally quiet. The dynamic at Siegelvision, however, reflects a fun and enthusiastic environment that encourages communication among everyone. In addition, having spent five years in London, I expected to be equipped with the experience of a big city; but New York City is a city unlike any other. Quite frankly, nothing can prepare you for the concrete jungle.

Alan and Maya

Alan and Maya